Blue Croft Farm Helpers Guide


Thanks so much for all your help! We really appreciate the extra hands.


  • Strain chicken feed (this needs to be done first thing)
  • Brush Bronte
  • Give Bronte pumpkin and seaweed mixture
  • Put clean eggs into cartons and into garage fridge
  • Wash dirty eggs in very warm water


  • Weed blueberry rows (1 hour per day)
  • Weed gardens
  • Bake bread
  • Make granola


  • New barn doors
  • Prune blueberry bushes
  • Clean up branches (see us for more details)
  • Prune raspberries
  • Add outside fence to Hugel garden on far side
  • Put net up in far stall for cat area
  • Put net over front coop area
  • Clean out manure and straw in coop and put in fresh mulch and straw
  • Fix/repair main barn doors
  • Turn compost and add manure
  • Latch for back gate
  • Improve small chicken tractor
  • Clear bike path around property (not a priority – just for fun)


  • Cooking! We love when you cook for us as we love to be outside and/or with the kids.
  • Clean anything… dust, vacuum, window sill cleaning, windows etc. We are so appreciative of any help in this area. 
  • Repair ripped books and broken toys. 

More jobs may come up as we work together. 

Good Farm Karma

  • Please put  tools back where you found them - or where they belong - whichever is better :)
  • Please NEVER leave tools out that can hurt our little ones – saws, axes, powertools etc.
  • Please close gates behind you – this keeps Bronte and the kids in and the deer out. Deer will decimate our blueberry plants.
  • Your hours here can be split up any way that suits you through the week. We ask 25 hours per person per week and you can work long days and take days off or work a little every day.  We encourage our helpers to take weekends off to enjoy and explore this beautiful valley. We rely on the integrity of our workers with regards to this.
  • If an issue arises please don’t hesitate to talk to us about it. We want you to enjoy your stay here and we are open to constructive criticism.
  • We love hearing (and learning!) foreign languages but we would ask that when you are in our company you speak English. We wish that we spoke more languages but in the interest of making everyone feel included in conversations, a common language is best. 
  • You are welcome to spend your free time in the living room with us or in your rooms on your own. We are good with both so do what suits you. You are welcome to use the TV to watch movies or shows on NETFLIX. Please don’t use the itunes options as we are charged for them.
  • If we cook, YOU clean and if you cook WE clean. We all share in the day to day tasks.
  • Going for a walk? Bronte LOVES it when you take her along. She is very good at alerting you to wildlife and she is a pleasure to walk (off leash). 
  • We really appreciate when having helpers here feels like less work for us and as such we ask that you treat our place like you were staying at your Grandma’s house – clean up and pick up after yourself, help out when you can and have quiet time after 10pm. 
  • Let us know if there is anything you need and make yourselves at home.