Fresh food from the Comox Valley

A Family Farm Experience


Welcome to our journey as adventurers in the world of blueberries, farming, livestock and supplying local markets with fresh food. 

We are still a year away from providing you-pick blueberries but wanted to start this site and share what we learn along the way. We hope it inspires others to start their own small farm or, at the very least, is an entertaining account of our efforts and mishaps.

Not long after Gavin and I met we started to dream about our life together and what that would look like. We both pictured getting some land where our kids could roam, we could grow our own food and we could learn about more sustainable eating and living. Our little farm is the result of those dreams. 



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Comox Valley
North Courtenay/Merville
British Coumbia



TBA - please contact us about egg sales